Dedicated to Jill, Isis and Ella;

my parents, sister and grandparents;

and all my family and friends for all

their support.

Daughters of Mnemosyne, O you Muses fair,
Sired by the one who shines greatly as a wanderer
And who has the lightning-bolt in his arm:
Calliope, the deeds you make known to men
Are the greatest of tales ever told;
Clio, lest we forget those who have gone before,
You open our minds to the past;
Erato, thank you, thank you, for love is
The greatest sentiment and a blessing;
Euterpe, harmonious one of the most mystical
Mystery and songs sung lyrically lyrical;
Melpomene, your tragic pathos brings great
Sadness but also great sympathy;
Terpsichore, dance as if the body was a galaxy
And you were spinning your way round the universe;
Polyhymnia, you sing because the universe
Deserves to be praised for its magnificence;
Thalia, all is play and jest and so you inspire
The comedic creativity of bold belly laughs;
Urania, highest of the high, most lofty Celestial Muse,
You will puzzle us with your starry tales forever.