Anam Cara

For Jill


When you are face to face

Conversing with a true friend,

It is as if you are looking into a mirror

In which you can see your own soul

Reflected back at you.


The bond between true friends

Is so strong it can never be broken,

Never lost, no matter how far distant.

And those with whom you share such a bond

Will always come to greet you in time.


Just as the stars and heavenly bodies move

Pulled by unseen forces in their trajectories,

For a time held in orbit and then perhaps

Moving on to fall into another sphere of influence,

The attraction of mass to mass still lasts.


You are pulled on by the Earth,

And also by the Moon and the Sun,

And even the very distant seeming stars

Have their hold on you, and not only that,

You have your hold on them.


Bonds of adamantine strength,

It is the way of the universe.


Such a small word to encompass such vastness.

We are connected, heart to heart.