Aurelian Waves of Time


I feel strangely attracted to you, Lorenz……

My words then depart my lips,

Fly off in a maelstrom of silence

Above a rusty-brown badlands of

Endless gorges and gullies.


Wind-whipped whirling dervishes cast sand

Down these crevasses in a crazed fury.

And as the hot breath expels from the opening

Clouds of dust coalesce into a flight of

Multitudinous butterflies breaking free in all directions.


From above our nation an observer watches

The Aurelian cloud expand, the scintillating

Glamour of iridescent wing-beats pulsating as

Relentlessly as the pounding heart of the bison.

Let us call the observer Lorenz; the bison’s hoof-print


The endlessly repeated circle.