What is this mysterious,

Miraculous, sacred substance

Which gives us the impetus

To rise up each morning

And blaze a trail forward

Into the great wide world?


There is fire within us

And fire around us,

Though we may not see it,

It is there in abundance.


And the fire within us

Is the fire that is living,

The breath is the bellows

And the belly the furnace.


I see the fire is mighty,

Always sending sparks flying,

Making metal turn molten,

Forming boiling cauldrons.


And when the crucible’s glowing

Then the stone of all-knowing

Crystallises from nothing

Bringing Truth into being.


The Radiant, the Effulgent

Bright sphere of illumination

And inner being showing

I am one with the Light.


The Fire is quickening

And the ice, it is glistening

As the frost starts to melt

And my heart springs to life.