Look Out, Confidence, Man!


Seven maids of mystic repute,

Seven years of longing for truth.

The mirror once broken,

Now the bad luck reigns,

But nothing stays the same

And everything is change.


I broke the mirror of my soul,

I fractured that which was once whole.

The old wives tale of seven years bad luck

Rings true, so I say to you:

Be careful in what you think and do.


Now, explain the role of humanity,

Each person's life is to see

What they can do to help

The cause of Truth and Liberty;

Freedom of the mind and Soul,

Illuminated and sorrowless goal.


Look and listen, live and learn,

Our consciousness:

A fractal shaped pattern,

Highest harmonic overtone,

Harmony of a peaceful home.

Light and space,

Most sacred grace,

To see clearly when all around

Is darkness.


I'm tired but my spirit soars,

It gives me strength to take on more.

Oh, Woman,

Let me feel the heat of your touch,

Let me give you the Love

That we need so much.

Please don't turn your eyes away,

Afraid of something that we cannot say.

To have the gift to express

The pleasure of a loving caress.


I love the way music makes me happy,

It's a truly amazing entity.

In this cosmos, the interconnected parts

Vibrate and buzz in a grand symphony.

Resonating harmony of true integrity,

the parts and the whole,

Together in Unity.


Respect to the number three,

The Trinity, and all things Holy.

The sound of OM, the peace of Salaam,

Shalom, Enoch who walked with God,

And God took him, so he lives on.



Who are we?

Who am I?

This better be funky!

What ever it is,

It's gotta be!

So let me say these Words to thee:


Being, Mind and Bliss…….


It can't get much better than this!