Not black, not white,

Under the skin

The primordial heart beats

Which makes race irrelevant.


The sacred babe

Into this world comes

A blazing star upon the brow

Amazes the people around

And the heartbeats synchronised

Create a pulse of love

A wave of light to wash away

                the darkness.

For the completion, consecration,

And convocation to commence

An immense, intense and

                       otherworldly glow

Shines forth from that heavenly expanse

Leading us to a paradisial Arbour:


The haven to which we strive

For protection from the storm

And gusts which scatter us like

The newly fallen leaves of Autumn

Leaving the trees bare and

Stark in their simplicity;

A trunk, two boughs extend:

The place of sacrifice

Which one Good Friday saw

The end of the world,

When like a blanket, the stars

Were blotted out, until

The third day when the sun

                        rose again

And so began the dawn of

A New Era

A Phoenix from the ashes

Of that deadwood tree

Until the staff was

Planted, took root

And Blossomed once more


On the ancient Isle of Avalon;

The destination of the Arimathean

Carrying his precious cargo

To the fountain of youth

And so amongst the springs

                        of Glastonbury

The green shoots thrust forth

And the saplings grew to Giants

Of an indeterminate age,

One the epitome of Patience,

The other so steeped in the Star-lore

It seemed it had seen to the ends

                        of the Universe.

And what an extraordinary wonder

That when the life-sap first stirred

Coincided with the visitation of

A Great Soul

And greater wonder still

That the end may be like

The beginning

And see the return.