Terra and Luna


We have travelled far

        to get here,

To this place we call Home.


Across the gulf of blackest space,

Where not one ray alights on a single particle of dust,

For millions of miles;

A distance incomprehensible to the human mind.


We were put here,

By an intelligence vaster than our own,

To whom time and space are nothing but

The click of fingers and the blink of an eye.


Brought here to this land of milk and honey,

Where the rivers have flowed ceaselessly on

From the ancient time of aeons unconceived.


Where the moon's light has played upon the waters,

Like electric silver conduits

       in mesmerising scintillation.


Cool, cool is the light.

A cooling, soothing balm

To ease the disruptive impatience

Which perturbs the calm.


The calming of the waters,

Waiting and waiting,

And gradually the image

    becomes clearer to me.


So close to it's full reflection,

And then a ripple smoothly moves

Across the surface in almost surreal motion.


Then I awaken to the real,

Look up and there

Is the Source,


In the distance.