The Courage of Your Convictions


It takes courage to stand against the tide

That would ever bring you down.


Be brave, be not afraid,

For this sends out a beacon, like a call


And draws your fears to be with you

Oh would that you weren’t so seemingly small.


But you really are great and mighty and strong,

For you’ve been given this chance, and you knew all along


That the way would be hard, yet you chose sweet life,

You chose to be born, and then when with a knife


The doctor severed the cord of the womb,

You took that first breath, and all too soon


You started to cry, for it is sad but it’s true,

This is the way most begin and it’s no different for you.


But like all who’ve been born you too have a reason

That the birth then took place, and when the right season


Begins to approach you will see it too

And you will find out what you were sent here to do.


And so be convinced, you have a right to be living,

The dreams that you have, they are yours for the giving,


So share them with all, never fear those who refute

The worth of your cause, for it is your truth.