The Lion


(Inspired by Jah Shaka)



Hear my Roar!

All negativity will flee!

I am the Great Lion

And I shall set the people free!


I am a gift from Jah,

Created in his own form.

You can see me in the stars

Where I uphold the Sun’s throne.


There is no higher power

Than the might of Righteousness,

And for all those who believe this

Then the Holy One will bless.


The most esteemed of felines,

I am called the King of Cats.

With my mane arrayed in splendour,

You know I know that I’m “all that”!


Courage is the key, and so

Be brave, dear Heart, Be Brave

And remember I protect you

From the cradle to the grave.


So, Now, Know the Truth

And the Truth will set you free:

Be always kind to others

Whatever Colour, Race or Creed.


Cause no harm to others

And be magnanimous like me.